Willem ’t Hart (1994) is a multidisciplinair
artist, born in The Hague/holland in a musical family.

Looking for music for your campaign, a sound logo, or music for a game/film or series? With his extensive connections in the music industry and experience as a composer/producer, Willem can produce it for you. The significant advantage of working directly as a composer is that there is no intermediary or agency involved. This results in significant cost savings for you!

Willem is a full-time musician, actively working as a composer, producer, performing artist, arranger, and music teacher.

“Living in Rotterdam has provided me with numerous projects related to the city. I’ve collaborated with institutions such as Museumnacht, Het Nieuwe Instituut, WDKA, Hogeschool Rotterdam, and Codarts. In addition to Rotterdam-based assignments, I also create original compositions and music for films, games, and series.

Below, you’ll find a selection of 7 works from my portfolio. If you’re interested in collaborating, feel free to reach out to schedule a non-obligatory meeting at my studio.”

For this game, I had the opportunity to compose the intro tune—a jazzy theme that complements the New York setting. As you play the game, you’ll hear various piano improvisations performed by my father (Eli ’t Hart) and me.

A very cool assignment for the opening of their store in Seoul, South Korea. They ultimately chose a tune from my production archive (which is a collection of unused works). Truly original material!

Creating music for the art academy’s campaign was yet another opportunity to compose directly for the video. The outcome? A meticulously crafted piece that seamlessly integrates with the visuals.

I was tasked with creating music directly for the video, which was an exhilarating experience! It allowed me to compose music to perfectly match every second, resulting in a tightly synchronized soundtrack that complements the visuals seamlessly.

This Rotterdam-based multinational develops products and services based on Profibus and Profinet technology. They desired a catchy podcast tune with a foundation in 90s hip-hop. I collaborated with wordsmith Elten Kiene to bring their vision to life.

A low-calorie alcoholic beverage and a major success in Amsterdam. They were in search of a sound logo reminiscent of The Weeknd for their social media platforms. It took us nearly a year to perfect it.